Shipping policy

  • General shipping rules: under this, the general rules regarding shipping can be included.
  • Cost of shipping: the rules regarding shipping costs will be covered under this clause.
  • Shipping updates: defines how the customers will be updated about the shipping status of the products ordered.
  • Shipping time: includes the normal shipping time taken to deliver the products. minimum 2 days and maximum 10 days. 
  • Buy online and pick up at the store: the user can add an option of online purchase and collecting the goods at the store.
  • Local delivery: instant local delivery options will be covered under this clause.
  • International shipping: international shipping rules, regions covered, cost of shipping, the time required for shipping, etc. will be covered under this clause.
  • Missing or lost products: this defines what to do when the customer does not receive the ordered products.
  • Changes to this Policy: the customers will be informed that the website reserves the right to modify the terms of this policy at any time without any notice. 

Applicable Law

The Shipping Policy will be covered under the general rules of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.