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Benefits of Bean Bags

Who sit in an office chair all day

For individuals who sit in a chair all day at the office, a bean bag provides ergonomic support, reduces strain on the body, and promotes better posture, resulting in increased comfort and decreased risk of musculoskeletal issues.

For Pregnant Women

Bean bags provide pregnant women with comfortable and adaptable seating options that can help alleviate pressure on the body and provide support for their changing shape.

Ideal for Orthopedic Problems

Bean bags can provide relief for orthopedic problems by contouring to the body's shape, reducing pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment.

Easy to watch cricket & games

Bean bags provide the perfect seating solution for cricket enthusiasts and gamers alike. Their comfortable and flexible design allows you to relax while watching cricket matches for extended periods, offering excellent support and minimizing discomfort.


A showstopper for any room

Reviewed in India on 22 November 2020

Verified Purchase

After I got this, everyone fights to sit in this..liked by both family members and pets ..and always people are amazed how I can keep it clean..yes it is washing machine friendly.. Although it is bit tedious to take out the beans beforehand and we need lots of beans min 3-4 bags..otherwise you wont get the feel


Loved it!

Reviewed in India on 13 August 2023Size: sofa bean bag with beansColour: Grey

Verified Purchase

Play Video Just as shown in the reference pic.Good quality and extremely comfortable.

Ashmitha Manoj


Reviewed in India on 14 March 2022Size: sofa bean bag with beansColour: Blue

Verified Purchase

Super soft cloth used for bag.nice relaxing experience after using this product.highly recommended.

Anthony raj